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About the Bureau

– Rumyantsev Legal Law Office is a Russian law firm located in St. Petersburg.

– The attorneys and lawyers of the law office have over ten years’ experience of advising Russian

and foreign companies on commercial law and rendering legal assistance by representing

principals’ interests in state courts throughout Russia.

– Each Bureau employee is assigned an area of practice where he/she has the greatest expertise and the longest track record.

–  As a Russia-based law firm, the Bureau offers its clients competitive financial conditions.

– The working languages of the Bureau are Russian and English.

Pros of working with the Bureau

High-quality standards of legal assistance.

The Bureau adopts the practices and methods of leading international and Russian law firms. The Bureau relies on its own approach to document preparation and analytical presentation of information.

Updating clients on how their projects progress.

The Bureau has created its own CRM system to keep records of the work done on each project. Our administrative mechanism allows us to promptly update clients about their submittals. If it is necessary, Bureau can take over part of Client’s administrative work.

— Personal responsibility for the quality of legal services.
The laweyers’ professional activities are regulated by the St. Petersburg Bar Association and the Federal Bar Association of the Russian Federation.

– Continuous talent management

According to the corporate standards, each employee of the Bureau devotes at least 15 hours per month to the improvement of his/her legal skills and professional aptitude.

Proven track record in courts in St. Petersburg

The Bureau has a proven track record in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. The Bureau’s work rates high by the expert community of St. Petersburg. According to the Delovoy Peterburg newspaper, the Bureau’s lawyers have been twice ranked as the best lawyers in the city.