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Regulations on Processing of Data Transmitted to the Bureau by Automated Data Processing

These Regulations have been developed and approved by the Rumyantsev Legal Law Office in Saint Petersburg in order to protect the information received by the Bureau through the feedback form on the website of the Bureau.


Terms and Definitions

“Data Collection Operator” or the “Bureau” means Rumyantsev Legal Law Office (St. Petersburg), registered under the main state registration number 1167800053255, located at the address: 104 Nevsky Ave., Letter A, Office 515, Saint Petersburg, 190121, the Russian Federation.

“Transmitted Data” means any information related to the subject matter sent to the Bureau prior to the conclusion of the legal assistance agreement;

“Subject of Data Processing” (the “Data Sender”) means any individual who transmits information about himself/herself or, as a representative, about his/her organization to the Bureau;

“Automated Data Processing” means processing of the data sent to the Bureau by means of computer technology, including the feedback form on the Bureau’s website;

“Legal Assistance” means professional assistance provided by lawyers in accordance with Russian Law «On Advocacy» No. 63-FZ dated 31.05.2002; and

“Legal Assistance Agreement” means an agreement concluded for the purpose of providing professional assistance by lawyers for a consideration or free of charge.


Purpose of Data Collection

The purpose of collecting the personal data is to process the request for legal assistance, as well as to provide preliminary advice to the sender of the request. The data received from the sender can then be used by the Bureau to inform the sender about the activities of the Bureau, including sending messages about activities and events of the Bureau, and sending out analytical materials.


Scope of Processed Data

The scope of the data to be processed by the Bureau shall be determined by the sender of such data. The name of the contact person, e-mail address and optionally used mobile phone number, as well as the subject matter of the request for legal assistance shall be provided for the initial contact by filling in the online feedback form.

In addition, the sender of the data may also provide postal address for communication with the subject of personal data, business phone number, fax number, contact details of the representative, as well as information on the preferred way of communication.

The Bureau may have additional requirements for the scope of data to be transferred. If the Bureau receives personal data, any further processing of such data may only be carried out with the consent of the subject of personal data, which shall be provided to the Bureau in writing by submitting the original document or a scanned copy thereof.



All data sent to the Bureau are confidential and may only be used by the Bureau’s lawyers and staff in accordance with the purpose of data collection.


Consent to Data Processing

By sending a message using the form of automated data processing, the sender of data gives his/her consent to the use of such data by the Bureau according to the scope selected independently. The consent of the data sender is specific, irrevocable, expressed by his or her own will and in his or her own interest. Such consent is not deemed to be consent received for the purpose of personal data collection in accordance with Federal Law «On Personal Data Collection» No. 152-FZ dated 27.07.2006, as the Bureau does not process personal data as regulated by the said law.

The Bureau shall be obliged to disclose information on data storage only upon confirmation that the processed data belong to a certain individual, as well as upon disclosure of personal data owned by the said individual, and submission of a written request and identity documents.


Data Storage Term

The period of storage of data transmitted to the Bureau shall be five (5) years from the date of submission of such data.