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Legal support for investment transactions

The Bureau’s legal services for investment transactions includes legal due diligence on and structuring of investments in real estate and ongoing business.

  • Apart from preparing multi-page due diligence reports on investments and describing potential risks, the Bureau also provides the client with essential legal information in the form of visual analytics.
  • Apart from rendering services for the preparation of agreements, the Bureau also offers to the client effective current legal approaches to the transaction process.
  • The Bureau not only performs assignments within the agreed deadlines but also independently monitors the progress of transactions. This approach allows performing work at a steady pace within the project’s budget.

You can contact Anastasia Serkina, the head of Consulting Practice, by e-mail: serkina@spb.legal.

Please indicate in the body of the letter a brief description of the actual circumstances of the order, as well as the time that you have to provide advice. We will reply to your email within one business day, but we will try to do it as soon as possible.

After examining your letter, we will prepare a response in which we will set out our initial position. You may sign a confidentiality agreement with the office before starting work upon your request.